At the request of Dan Ray, ten facts you may not know about me. You might, because I like to talk about the obscure things. But you might not.

  1. I worked at a mental hospital/rehab facility for almost a year.
  2. In Grade 12, I was President of the Library Club. For real.
  3. I once caused my younger brother’s arm to break by helping him fall of some stairs.
  4. Although outgoing, I am actually an introvert.
  5. I used to have my nose (and ears) pierced. However, my body seems to reject all such types of decoration.
  6. I started school when I was three.
  7. I will not play chess or Monopoly with my older brother. Monopoly, because he used to cheat when we were little, and chess because I won last time we played and want to keep it that way.
  8. I have scoliosis. (sounds bad, doesn’t it?)
  9. I do not like the colour green. I really don’t, although I’m trying to grow in this area.
  10. I have visited every province in Canada except PEI.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you want to share your own list, you can leave it in a comment or leave a comment directing me to the list on your own site.