I’ve decided to call it quits. This blog is a goner for the following reasons:

  • two blogs is too many to update from separate accounts.
  • I don’t always think in lists. Sometimes, but not always.

I think that’s it. Simple. To the point. The end.

If, by some miracle, you read this blog but not my regular one, check it (and  all my linear thoughts of tonight) out here.

Actual final thought: I may move over to wordpress from blogspot with my other blog. We shall see.


Saturday highlight: flying back to Vancouver after 3 months away.

Saturday lowlight: missing my nephew’s second birthday party.

Sunday highlight: going to my church after 3 months away & seeing friends there.

Sunday lowlight: I don’t think there was one…

Monday highlight: seeing Gene Simmon’s partner, Shannon Tweed at the airport.

Monday lowlight: having to say goodbye to my best-Vancouver friend at the airport.

Tuesday highlight: Dinner with friends, and massage therapy after 3 months away.

Tuesday lowlight: massage therapy after 3 months away.

Wednesday highlight: Gelato with a friend: 218 flavours always amazes me!

Wednesday lowlight: trying to work.

Thursday highlight: everything: coffee, button making, the beach, Granville Island, the beach again…

Thursday lowlight: work (what’s that?).

Friday highlight: it’s hard to know, but I’m guessing it will be playing soccer.  Or hanging out with more of my friends.

Friday lowlight: slight sunburn from Thursday.

Notes on my visit to Toronto:

  • even with a garbage strike, Toronto is cleaner than most international cities of its size
  • Pride Parade would be fascinating to see. I caught the crowds after the show, and they were fascinating too.
  • Fresh (a vegetarian restaurant on Bloor) is totally delicious.
  • Future (a dessert cafe on Bloor) is also delicious.
  • Sonic Boom (a used CD store on Bloor) is fantastic.
  • Bloor St. is generally great.
  • Public transit amazes me. From the Danforth to the airport for $2.25 (and 1.25 hours).
  • Good friends just happen. You don’t really know how, and sometimes you don’t really know why.
  • Girls always talk about boys. Even when we are sick of talking about boys.
  • I spend money when there are sales. Sales are dangerous. But for about $16 I now have a great new hat and two new albums: Anberlin‘s latest and Hot Chip’s DJ mix…both of which I’ve wanted for a while.

I have purchased many things this week.

  • one pair of Steve Madden suede boots (for only $5 – how is that even possible!?)
  • one pair of capris
  • one button up shirt – dark periwinkle with a thin black belt
  • one cute lavender tank
  • one light brown button-up cardigan
  • one grey wool pullover
  • two layering tanks, one white & one black
  • one under-armour shirt for my athletic endeavours
  • two wedding gifts (only three more to go!)
  • five pairs of underwear
  1. That I have this blog (six weeks of intermittent internet access will do that to you).
  2. The amount of effort, intellectually & emotionally to get back into the  (blogging) groove after an extended break.
  3. What the Ontario humidity does to my hair. None of it good.
  4. How much I enjoy thunderstorms (ironically, I used to be petrified of them).
  5. The way that depression wreaks havoc with my friend’s heart.
  6. How much difficulty I have concentrating when working at home.
  7. That I love So You Think You Can Dance.

Sometimes I don’t finish my entries, and then when I go back, I’m not sure what I wanted to say. My saved draft openers include:

  • “Respect is not a feeling. It’s how you treat someone.”
  • I Like Fat People…
    …who want to be skinny
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Why I’m Not More Popular in the Blogosphere
  • Picnic Tables are Fast
  • “I’m Done Now.”
  • Where Is Your Sting?
  • Claimes to Fame (aka the Lame List)
  • Narnian Names
  • Lessons on Traveling
  • Peevish
  • Happiness Is…
  • Note to Self: Consider the Following… (do you know how FRUSTRATING it is to not know what I was talking about??)
  • Packing & Repacking

Time with the family is always enlightening. Today, I had the following thoughts:

  1. I love my family. I really do. Seeing them happy makes me happy.
  2. Babies/toddlers are adorable, but vomit is always gross.
  3. Card games and board games are a great way to bond, but it is important to know your capacity. (Know your limit, play within it.)
  4. Small talk with family can be just as awkward as small talk with strangers. Maybe more so, because I expect it to not be awkward.
  5. Just because someone is “family” does not mean you will understand or like them.
  6. Just because food is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Someone else will. Eventually.
  7. The recession is real, and even if I don’t personally feel the effects, someone in my family does.
  8. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be back in Ontario for three weeks. But I think I’ll survive just fine.
  9. I like traveling. By plane, by car…but I need to make up for the 20 hours I’ve spent in transit this weekend.

I packed. I’m done (almost). I’m ready to go. I was afraid I’d forget, but I am confident I have the following items with me:

  • outlet converter
  • pyjamas
  • dress for tomorrow’s wedding
  • books to read
  • books to pass on to someone else
  • dental floss
  • clothing for three climates
  • shoes
  • camera
  • passport
  • ergonomic pillow. I won’t last 3 months without it!

My sister complained this weekend that I haven’t posted on here for a long time. It is true. This is what I have been doing instead:

– working
– sleeping
– planning a trip for 35 people to northern Africa
– reading
– watching movies
– working
– thinking about where I want to be in 5 years
– wondering if I’d make it in the academic world
– hanging out with friends
– working
– cleaning my house
– cooking my meals
– fixing my car (or having my car fixed)
– flossing my teeth (one of my rare daily habits, alongside brushing my teeth and washing my face)
– working
– making whirlwind visits to Ontario to attend weddings. Okay, only one. But there’s another in two weeks…and it takes a lot out of me.

  • reading blogs
  • writing blogs
  • cleaning
  • watching old episodes of TV series I really like: Law & Order, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Best Dance Crew, etc
  • sleeping

I don’t actually have time to procrastinate these days. That’s why I’m not blogging much…